Stuck at home? Have some weed?

Then check out SPLIFF! The brilliant collection of short films created by the stoned for the stoned—like you! The 2019 underground sensation in Seattle, Portland, Denver & San Francisco is now available for streaming! Join in for an elevated evening of everything cannabis.

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SPLIFF - Teaser Video 2

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2019 SPLIFF WInners!

Trippiest, $2,000
Fully Froggo

Funniest, $2,000
Candy Sandwich

Stupidiest, $2,000
Kevin’s Proclamation

Best in Show, $5,000

2019 Full Program!

  • N.O.P.E.

    In this mid-90’s PSA, Billy and Charlie learn the hard way that even a single puff of marijuana will turn you into a crazy violent pervert. Not one puff ever!

  • Bloom

    Flaming blunts, raging bowls, hot dabs. This is the sexiest smoke porn you’ve ever seen.

  • Fully Froggo - WINNER TRIPPIEST

    A frog eats too many gummies. Or does he?

  • Witch Weed

    An expert stoner finds the ultimate high. Beware of the Devil’s lettuce.

  • Green

    A magical trip to the bodega thanks to some green.

  • Bibbel the Dwarf Dwarf

    One person. One peanut. One backyard. Only one can win.

  • BBHMM Blunt

    An instructional video on how to roll a magical “Bitch Better Have My Money” blunt, in the style of Rihanna’s famous Fenty Beauty makeup tutorials.

  • Corporate Coitus

    A Dada-inspired visual and aural collage made up of disembodied heads, colorful circles, and ominous eyes.

  • Grandpa Joe

    So what if your new houseguest has a tiny green face, a cute lil astronaut helmet, and a motherfucking spaceship? He’s definitely NOT AN ALIEN. He’s just GRANDPA JOE!

  • Leaffolder House

    A dealer must go deep in the woods to deliver the goods. But at the end of his journey is a hit that might be too intense for him to handle.

  • Harsh Tokes & Bong Jokes

    A punk rock love letter to growing up, smoking weed at beaches, light-night parties, learning how to kiss, and how you shouldn’t mix liquor with weed.

  • Smokescreen - WINNER BEST IN SHOW

    When Olivia’s date takes a turn for the mediocre, she gets stoned and ends up trapped in the reality of online dating.

  • Hands

    A spaced-out, bizarre ode to hands.

  • Kevin’s Proclamation - WINNER STUPIDIEST

    He’s Kevin, and he’s got something to proclaim.

  • Candy Sandwich - WINNER FUNNIEST

    ASMR Crafting with Sayuri and Gabby La La make a fancy sandwich!

  • The Girl Who Couldn’t…

    A mockumentary trailer about a girl who is struck with a tragic disorder and the devastating impact it has on those closest to her.

  • Switch Hitter Haze

    Wyatt has a crush on his roommate Connor, who is very cute and very straight. When their dealer brings over a mysterious strain of weed, things that were fixed become fluid—and none of them will ever be the same.

  • Munchies Massacre

    A bag of Doritos and Oreos commiserate over all the friends they’ve lost to late-night snacking when—Oh no! Run! Get out of the cupboard while you still can! The stoner’s got the munchies again!

  • Weed Art Process

    This is the story of a magic seed. Through pure art, the seed frees the power of imagination.

  • Bagel Bite Fright Night

    Stoned and alone, two women get caught in a 90s slasher nightmare when they experience a home invasion by a slew of celeb sex offenders. Or do they?

  • BOOBatary

    Sometimes boobs have minds of their own.

  • You Wanna Order Pizza?

    Two epically stoned Australians attempt to order a pizza. If only they could order pizza with their minds! Oh wait… can they?

  • Joint Heights

    In this adorable stop motion animated film, joints do yoga, thrash to heavy metal music, and fuck in the afternoon. A candid look at how cannabis is a part of day-to-day life for the residents of Joint Heights.